The Beers

Great beer brewed by a great man – Brendan, our brewer.

Visit the Tap Room and taste what he has brewed for YOU.

All our beers are craft brewed, not manufactured. We use only the best quality ingredients. Our brewer puts a lot of passion, effort and work in guaranteeing you, our beer enthusiast, the highest beer quality.

We are brewing according to the German Beer Purity Law (“Reinheitsgebot”) from 1516, only using the finest malt, water and hops.

Our beers are not pasteurised and you can taste the difference. Maybe not when you are having your first craft brewed beer ever. But believe us, after you had a few of them and you are used to the clean, natural unpasteurised taste, you won’t want any other.

We offer a variety of beer styles and have one for every taste and mood.

Your taste buds need a change?

See you soon.

Come, enjoy and Cheers!

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